Déjà Dup Tasks

These are ready-to-start tasks. Talk to us about how best to start one. See Coding for more information about how to get and compile trunk.

Low Difficulty

Time Estimate

Provide a time estimate to completion of backup/restore. Probably should use a moving average with a reasonable clamp to avoid typical inaccuracies one sees with such estimates.


Prompt on Drive Connection

Like Time Machine does, it would be nice if when a user plugged in a large empty drive and had not configured Deja Dup yet, we prompted them to consider using the new drive for backups. Maybe hook into GNOME's media handling support?



Both restoring and backing up can take more time than you might expect. But as our focus is mostly on the UI and robustness, performance generally takes a back seat. We don't even know why we are slow. So some profiling and analysis of where we are spending time would be useful (i.e. is duplicity the problem or is deja-dup doing something stupid?).

Medium Difficulty

Bug Reporter

When an error occurs, add a "Report Bug" button appeared and it uploaded all the information that the bug form asks for automatically to LP.


High Difficulty

Duplicity GVFS Backend

Write a gvfs backend that can view any duplicity backend. Something that handles URLs like "duplicity:DATE:s3+http://bucket/folder" or some such.

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