Déjà Dup

Simple backup tool for GNOME

Talk to Us!

We don't bite. Start a discussion with us in our chat room or on the forums.


Do you speak a non-English language? Great! You can translate Déjà Dup through the GNOME translation project. It's really quite easy, and is a big help.


The main repo is hosted on GNOME's GitLab. See their documentation for help on contributing a patch.

If you have an idea for an improvement you want to make, talk to us on the forums or file a suggestion issue and let's figure out how to make it happen.


There are always bug reports coming in, and we'd love help keeping them straight and prioritized.

We watch reports on both GitLab and Launchpad.

Issue Priority

* Critical: Bugs that prevent restoring, create data loss, or crash Déjà Dup

  • If restore-prevention bug has an in-program workaround, drop to High
  • If restore-prevention bug is for a non-supported workflow (like full system restore), drop to Medium

* High: Bugs that prevent backing up or cause promised functionality to not work

  • If backup-prevention bug is for a non-supported workflow (like full system backup), drop to Medium

* Medium: Bugs that annoy users or cause them to jump through hoops

* Low: Bugs that don't stop any interaction or aren't very visible

* Wishlist: Anything that is not strictly a bug (feature requests, changes in behavior)

If you can't contribute your time, you can buy us coffee.

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