Getting Involved with Déjà Dup

So you want to help make Déjà Dup the best backup software? Excellent!

Talk to Us!

We don't bite. Discussion happens on the deja-dup-list mailing list.

Send an email or lurk for a while. The list is very low traffic.


Do you speak a non-English language? Good! You can translate Déjà Dup through Launchpad's web interface. It's really quite easy, and is a big help.


There are plenty of bugs. If you want to find out which are easiest for a newcomer or what needs doing the most, talk to us on the mailing list, as described above.

For detailed information on building and testing the code, see Coding.


There are many bugs, and we'd love help keeping them straight and prioritized.

For detailed information how we track bugs, see Triage.

Quality Assurance

Any bug in a program that is your last defense against data loss is an important bug. Help make sure Déjà Dup is flawless!

The first thing to do (if using Ubuntu) is to enable the testing PPA. This is the very latest and greatest development work on Déjà Dup. Report any bugs you see, and make sure to mention the version of the package. This will let us catch bugs before we release them into the wild.

Second, if you know Python, you may be able to help us write automated test scripts. First, read the Coding introduction, then look through the tests subdirectory in the source. Déjà Dup uses automated testing scripts based on LDTP to catch regressions. If you are familiar with writing such tests in Python, please contact the mailing list. We could always use more tests and more nefarious tests.

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