Déjà Dup

Simple backup tool for GNOME


It's been a while since Deja Dup has had a UI refresh and GNOME design has evolved in the meantime.

Additionally, we want to add a backup file browser/restorer to replace the nautilus extension. So we need to figure out how that folds in and what it will look like.

For reference, here are screenshots of our current design.

Initial State

There are two use cases when a user opens Deja Dup for the first time. They are either trying to recover from an accident on a new computer or are interested in creating a new backup. Let's help them both out by guiding them a bit with an initial empty state. The top header views are disabled.


First Backup

A guided setup modal dialog will pop up. The first screen will be what files to include/exclude. The second will be where to store the backups. Screens will transition left/right.



When 'Create' is clicked, the modal dialog closes and the main dialog goes into its backup progress mode.

First Restore

We'll ask you the same location question above, then kick you to the Restore view below on that location. This will not change your preferences to that location. It's just a temporary restore state.

Normal State

After a backup has been run before, the main window offers two header views (Backups and Restore), defaulting to the Backups view.


Shows some backup information. "Back Up Now" starts a backup and goes into backup progress mode.



When the user switches to this view, we start looking at the latest backup (which might involve network traffic). A file browser is visible, which gets populated with file icons / names. At the bottom is a slider with marks on it for each backup date we have access to. The right edge is the latest, the left edge is the oldest. Changing the slider position re-populates the icon view (which might involve more network requests).

Selecting and dragging icons will start a restore to the drag location. (Showing restore progress mode.)


File Detail View

Clicking into folders will change the icon view to look into folder in the backup. Clicking into a file will change the restore view into a detail view. You can go back to icon view in upper left. Or open the file directly (progress bar will appear in-detail-view, we'll restore to a temporary file, open with default app for the file). Or restore it (file dialog will appear, asking to choose a file for it, defaulting to original folder it came from).


Progress Screen

For backing up or restoring, we'll overlay a modal progress dialog. It'll show a progress bar and a few lines of information about what it's doing.

This could maybe instead be an "in-app notification" but I figure that because users would be comforted by more information, we want to allow both cancelling and resuming later, and we don't want to allow any app interaction anyway during an operation, a modal dialog made more sense.



You can open the preferences from the main window menu. It will open as a modal scrollable dialog. Here I've split the dialog across two screenshots.

All the starting 'Included Files' entries will not be removable. But you can add more. They start either selected or not based on whether that location was already included or not (so if Videos is selected, and you add Videos/Wedding, it will start unselected).

Clicking on the 'Storage Location' item will slide the preferences left and show the same storage location questions from above First Backup section. You can go back via the header.




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