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Comments and discussion

Are these mockups or the real thing? AllanDay: 2010-05-13

  • - Old mockups from the bug report. mterry: 2010-05-14

Design B


Design C

Needless to say, this design is still at a very rough stage.

  • The main window is essentially a profile manager (I'm calling profiles 'Backup Plans').
  • The existing 'Connect' dialog has been incorporated into the new profile dialog. An effort has been to make everything work according to GNOME's instant apply convention.
    • This creates one potential issue - the dialog has to be quite high to allow for the potential display of these settings. In many situations, the result is large amounts of unused space.
  • The use of bookmarking has been removed - this needs to be discussed.


Storage-Local.png Storage-FTP.png

Include.png Schedule.png

SVGs: MainWindow.svg PlanDialog.svg

Comments and discussion

'Backup plan' sounds a lot like 'Fallback plan' to my ears, which confused me for a second, initially.

  • Really? 'Fallback plan' isn't so familiar to me, but then I'm a Brit. I'm open to suggestions for alternative names... let's just not use the word 'Profile'. AllanDay 2010-05-05

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