Déjà Dup

Simple backup tool for GNOME

Cloud Support in Déjà Dup

Storing your backups in the cloud is ideal, since cloud storage services are an easy way to make off-site backups that can be accessed anywhere. Déjà Dup supports several branded cloud providers.

Supported Cloud Services

Our policy is to only support consumer-targeted cloud services (i.e. Google Drive but not Google Cloud Storage, OneDrive Personal but not Azure Storage, etc).

A good rule of thumb for whether a service is popular & consumer-focused enough to add is "does GNOME Online Accounts support it?" Having close overlap with Online Accounts will allow us to match the expectations of GNOME users.

The only cloud services supported right now are Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive Personal.

Deprecated Cloud Storage Services

Déjà Dup used to offer several more-technical cloud storage services.

As of version 42.0, support for the following services was removed: Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Openstack Swift, and Rackspace Cloud Files.

Supporting More Services

All newly supported cloud services should be first added to duplicity and then supported in Déjà Dup after some testing.

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