Thanks for the request for feedback, I saw it on the pgo blogs. I do enjoy d-feet, although I suppose I could enjoy it more. Here are some comments in bullet form which may or may not be helpful, use what you like and thanks in any case.

  • When working on a dbus service, I often run the code, kill it, make changes and restart. In d-feet this involves clicking all the way through the tree each time the service dissapears and reappears which can be a bit annoying.
  • Using the mouse less is awesome.
  • Would be nice for dbus to have a stable library for connecting to remote dbus daemons; d-feet could even often an easy way to hook up to them, *hint, hint*. see:

  • Executables without dashes in the name are nice. "dfeet" could be the new version?
  • Use dfeet to listen to signals. Perhaps you could check some box and have a little dialog scroll through signal events.

Thanks again! Feel free to email if I can help in some way, <username> _James

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