Timer Redesign

We are currently evaluating possible requirements for the timer component of Clocks. After that a rework of the mockup will happen.


  • The user shall be able to create, start, pause and reset timers easily
  • If a user starts a timer it remains visible in the view until he explicitly deletes it.
    • This implies a timer is persistent over restarts of the application. Also if the user creates a timer any existent timer may not be overwritten.
    • An inactive timer shall be easily changeable.
    • If a user deletes a timer he shall be able to undo this operation easily.
  • A user shall be able to label a timer. For any labelled timer there shall be a template created automatically that is persistent even if the original timer gets deleted.
  • When creating new timers the user shall be able to access his templates and a history of the last timers he started.
    • Timers that are equal to templates, thus redundant information, shall be hidden.
  • The user shall be able to run multiple timers at the same time.
  • When looking at the window the user shall be able to see the remaining time for any timer on the screen without having to read numbers. This implies that an easy to read visual representation of the remaining time exists.
  • The Timer component shall be aesthetically consistent with the other components of Clocks.
  • The visual design shall follow the GNOME HIG and be consistent with other GNOME applications.




More information

Discussion: see https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=742318

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