Alarms (and probably timers) need to stay active even if the application is closed, so they need to be stored in a permanent location and there should be a component that is able to "wake up" at the right time


  • always active
  • possible integration with gdm/gnome-shell (show alarm when screen is locked)
  • bypass mute
  • would be nice if the solution is flexible enough that e-d-s can also use it instead of having its own evo-alarm-notify

Possible Candidates

  • atd
    • already existing daemon for alarms
    • very extensible (but needs a separate UI component, such as notify-send)
  • e-d-s
    • already does alarms
    • defining alarms in terms of calendar events seems retrofitted
    • api is not introspectable and so not available from python (current language of clocks)
  • gnome-settings-daemon plugin
    • already existing daemon
    • not really the place for such functionality
  • gnome-shell
    • it is already providing the notification service, could that be extended for this use case?
    • it would make easier to integrate video effects and lock screen integration
    • more of a GUI component, can not initiate timer itself (needs to be called on)
  • systemd
    • does it actually provide this kind of functionality?
    • ot would need a gui component to actually show the notification and play the sound (could be clocks itself?)
    • less geared towards programs or one off commands, more geared towards starting of daemons (might be overkill)
  • zeitgeist
    • already existing daemon supports scheduled events
    • very extensible (needs an extensions to trigger dbus alarm signals)

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