The purpose of the test plan is to stop regressions. Ideally all the tests should be automated.

This page is mostly obsolete.

Display options

  • Able to enable/disable board numbering
  • Board numbering remembered when restarted


  • Starts without ~/.gnome2/glchess
  • Starts without ~/.gnome2/glchess/history
  • Starts with ~/.gnome2/glchess
  • Starts with ~/.gnome2/glchess/history
  • If gconf is not available makes an XML file in ~/gnome2/glchess
  • Starts with human vs. AI game if no unfinished games

PGN files

  • Able to load all the PGN files in the tests/ directory

Artificial intelligence

  • Starts if unable to detect any AIs
  • If an AI crashes (e.g. SIGQUIT/SIGKILL) glChess reports the AI has dies and handles it. The AI monitor process terminates.
  • If glChess crashes (e.g. SIGQUIT/SIGKILL) the AI is terminated by the AI monitor process. The monitor process terminates.


  • Allows en passant move
  • Detects check
  • Detects checkmate
  • Allows castling
  • Disallows castling when king would be in check before/during/after move
  • Detects draw due to insufficient material

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