Calendar application for GNOME

Generally speaking, the roadmap is, "What you'd like to contribute." Check out the latest development version and our issues tracker, find out the bugfixes and features that you want the most, appropriate to the difficulty level you seek.

This wiki page here used to serve as a roadmap, but it would easily get out of date. Since 2023, we now have a dynamic roadmap, made of two components:

  • At a long-term, strategic level, for the most ambitious long-term features (and how they fit with each other) that are part of the vision of the core maintainers, we have a special ticket that lists them out: the Post-2022 Roadmap. Once that roadmap is completed, there may or may not be another roadmap to take its place.

  • At the tactical level, the main kanban board represents the order in which we intend to fix the most strategic issues of the roadmap. The "Todo" and "WIP" columns are what we are currently working on, and the "Next up" column is the prioritized backlog of strategic issues, ordered by most strategic & urgent (at the top) to least urgent. Typically, items at the top are necessary to solve first before it is possible to solve some of the items lower down the list.

Your help in implementing any part of the roadmap (or the kanban board, or other tickets) is welcome.

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