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GNOME Calendar is not a complex application, but is hard-dependant on Evolution Data Server (EDS), which is a huge project, with lots of dependencies. Below you'll find tips about how to make Calendar work from a JHBuild environment.

Getting Calendar

Calendar is updated in the JHBuild repositories, so all you have to do is:

$ jhbuild build gnome-calendar

If you encounter any problems building Calendar dependencies, check out JHBuild introduction and common issues page.

Note that this type of install will only work in a complete JHBuild session. If you run jhbuild run gnome-calendar, things simply won't work. See the section below to find out how to fix it.

Compile & run Calendar from the current session

Under normal circunstances, people would like to run Calendar with their "normal" user. In order to do that, run the following commands:

git clone git://
cd gnome-calendar/
./autogen --prefix [JHBUILD_PREFIX]
make install # needed only the first time, to install the schema files
jhbuild run src/gnome-calendar

Don't forget to change [JHBUILD_PREFIX] and [DOWNLOAD_DIR] to, respectively, your JHBuild directory (usually /opt/gnome and the download directory of Calendar files.

When no calendars are shown

EDS is a big project with lots of inter-proccess communication (IPC) using the DBus system. Because of it, you may (and probably will) find problems running Calendar from JHBuild. It is, however, easy to make it work. First, create a backup of you DBus directory:

$ sudo mv /usr/local/share/dbus-1 /usr/local/share/dbus-1-bak

Second, create a symbolic link against you JHBuild DBus directory. Change the commands according to your setup.

$ sudo ln -s [JHBUILD_PREFIX]/share/dbus-1 /usr/local/share/dbus-1

Again, don't forget to change [JHBUILD_PREFIX] to your JHBuild directory (usually /opt/gnome).

Try running GNOME Calendar now, and it should work.

Fedora compilation issue

If you're trying to compile Calendar on Fedora, you'll probably face this error:

  CCLD     gnome-calendar
gcal-event-widget.o: In function `gcal_event_widget_is_multiday':
../gnome-calendar/src/gcal-event-widget.c:1033: undefined reference to `icaltime_days_in_year'

To fix it, be sure to check Igor Gnatenko's blog post describing how to build GNOME Calendar on Fedora systems:

Building GNOME Calendar on Fedora

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