• To quickly create a new project that follows Best Practices for a given GNOME 3 pattern and language.
  • Support various patterns for C, Python, JavaScript, and Vala

  • Supporting patterns such as
    • Traditional UI (Plain GtkApplicationWindow)

    • GNOME 3 Search/View Pattern
    • Shared library (C, Vala)
    • Command line program
    • Empty autotools project

Extended Goals

  • Tutorial Applications
    • A simple music player
    • A simple rss reader

Project Templates

Currently, Builder only has UI to help a user create a project from a git repository (via cloning), or by selecting a project that is found on the local file-system. We would like to extend this to include a "project creation assistant" that allows the user to select from a few pre-defined patterns and languages.

For example, the user should be able to create a new project by selecting the "GNOME 3 Search Pattern", and a language of choice, such as (C, Python, JavaScript, or Vala).

We should also have some "skeleton templates" for things such as a shared-library in C, a basic command line program, etc.

Project Extension Templates

It should be possible to extend an existing project with additional file templates. Such an example could include adding a new GObject, GtkWidget, or GomResource. These would be available via the context menu in the project-tree, under the "New" submenu.

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