Localization and Internationalization

Make your project translatable and get status information for the translations.


  • {o} Needs design

    {*} Design in progress

    {o} Needs implementation

    {o} Implementation in progress

    {o} Stable


  • See translation coverage for your module
  • Get current status of your module on Damned lies (Should I wait before I make a release?)

  • click, boom, gettext is implemented and your module is ready to be translated

  • Review the list of strings
    • Highlight the ones which are not marked
    • Suggest when changes need to be made
    • Check for consistency (strings ending with a period…)
    • Spellcheck
  • See updated translations since last release
  • Show list of currently open i18n bugs (depends on a bugtracker integration plugin)


  • Be a po editor

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