Debugging Workspace


  • Embed nemiver for debugging
    • Need to figure out how to integrate gtkmm (which nemiver is written in) into a C Gtk+ widget (probably requires a single .cpp file in Builder)

Remote Debugging

  • Maybe use Android's adb tool
  • best case: adb might implement gdb's server API, which would Just Work™
  • might be able to run gdb via a pipe over adb
  • try running adb-server (if that's what it's called) on another GNOME machine and see what can be done…
    • opening windows?
    • debugging?
    • maybe add a "Developer" section to gnome-control-center
      • Enable Debugging over USB
      • Enable debugging over TCP (Advertise via Avahi)
    • This would allow us to debug android too
      • Explore GTK+ on Android?

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