Builder Code Search

We need code search in Builder. Both for local files as well as remote projects.


  • Mockups

  • Goes in top in center of window
  • Shortcuts for search
    • "c GtkWidget" will jump to class named "GtkWidget"

    • "s gtk_widget_show" might jump to the symbol "gtk_widget_show"
  • quick open for files like ctrlp.vim

  • extensible with user scripts?


  • Search local code base with contextual search.
    • Find class named Foo
    • Find all uses of function gtk_widget_show
    • etc
  • Search across codebases.
    • We often look for any projects using a function we intend to change. It would be good to quickly know all uses of it.
    • Find examples of how to use a function that lacks documentation.
    • Jump to implementation of function (especially in Gtk+)
    • This is going to require GNOME infrastructure.

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