We want a new panel system that allows for more flexibility in Builder.

  • A new hover layer, that allows panels to be hidden, and float over the content area when necessary. They are transient, and when focus leaves, they should hide themselves after a small timeout.
    • Pressing Alt should animate in the panels enough to read their titles (which will likely look like "tabs" for the floating layer).
    • Pressing double Alt should fully animate in the floating panels
    • These should be focusable with keyboard shortcuts
  • It should be possible to split the panels, so we can have two panels stack on top of each other.
    • There are really two modes of "stacking" here.
      • A true split, like a GtkPaned, where both are always visible

      • The splits are more like a GtkBox inside a Viewport/ScrolledWindow, and you scroll them as a set

  • Tearing out a panel should be possible, and things like ide_widget_get_workbench() should still work.

Work in Progress


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