Auto Indenters


The auto-indenter story in Builder is a bit immature currently. We really only support a subset of indentation formats very well. We would like to improve this to include more advanced features such as "linux", "k&r", and other comment indenter formats.

  • C
    • K&r

    • linux
    • GNU C89 (as used by Gtk and friends)
  • Python
    • PEP 8
  • Ruby (using contribution style for upstream)
  • JavaScript

    • gnome-shell style
    • mozilla style
    • node.js style
  • Vala
    • Using vala contribution guidelines
  • C#
    • Using mono contribution guidelines

Work in Progress

  • There is some prototype work done on indenters that includes an idea for finding "interesting data points" in the text buffer, and then allowing rules to be established against selectors in that tree. Talk to Christian for how you can further this work.

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