Break Timer

Computer break reminders

About Break Timer

Break Timer keeps track of how much you are using the computer.

Just switch it on, and it will remind you to take breaks.


Quick setup

Break Timer is easy to set up. Choose a break schedule that works for you and it will carry on waiting in the background.


Microbreaks and rest breaks

It is designed to encourage healthy behaviour, with a mix of short microbreaks for your eyes and wrists, as well as longer rest breaks to keep your body moving and your mind on task.

Runs in the background

Break Timer starts automatically and lets you know when it is time for a break.


People behind Break Timer

Maintainers: Dylan McCall (dylan-m)

Designers: Allan Day (aday)

Geeky stuff

This application is intended as a replacement for drwright, which was included with GNOME 2. GNOME Break Timer is made for GNOME 3, with a status application that follows the new design patterns as well as tight integration with GNOME Shell. It is written in Vala and uses GTK.


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