What is Brasero?

Brasero is an application to burn CD/DVD for the Gnome Desktop. It is designed to be as simple as possible and has some unique features to enable users to create their discs easily and quickly.


  • Supports multiple backends: cdrtools, growisofs and libburn(optional).

Note: compiling against libburn is not enough. You need to activate the backend through GSettings


  • supports edition of discs contents (remove/move/rename files inside directories)
  • can burn data CD/DVD on the fly
  • automatic filtering for unwanted files (hidden files, broken/recursive symlinks, files not conforming to joliet standard, ...)
  • supports multisession
  • supports joliet extension
  • can write the image to the hard drive
  • can check disc file integrity

Audio CD

  • write CD-TEXT information (automatically found thanks to gstreamer)
  • supports the edition of CD-TEXT information
  • can burn audio CD on the fly
  • can use all audio files handled by Gstreamer local installation (ogg, flac, mp3, ...)
  • can search for audio files inside dropped folders
  • full edition of silences between tracks

CD/DVD copy

  • can copy a CD/DVD to the hard drive
  • can copy CD and DVD on the fly
  • supports single-session data DVD
  • supports any kind of CD


  • erase CD/DVD
  • can save/load projects
  • can burn CD/DVD images and cue files
  • song, image and video previewer
  • device detection thanks to HAL
  • file change notification (requires kernel > 2.6.13)

  • a customisable GUI (when used with GDL)
  • supports Drag and Drop / Cut'n'Paste from nautilus (and others apps)
  • can use files on a network as long as the protocol is handled by gnome-vfs
  • can search for files thanks to beagle (search is based on keywords or on file type)
  • can display a playlist and its contents (note that playlists are automatically searched through beagle)
  • all disc IO is done asynchronously to prevent the application from blocking

Where can you find us?

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs to GNOME Bugzilla. For a list of existing bug reports, check If there are problems with burning media you can provide a detailed "log" file by starting brasero from a terminal by using this command:

brasero -g --brasero-media-debug > log 2>&1

Contribute to Brasero

Brasero needs you! There are many ways you can help out:

  • Test Brasero with DVD-RAM and BDs (none of the developers have this drives)
  • Test the development versions and report bugs
  • Develop language bindings for the libraries, we hope to have more applications using libbrasero
  • Make the latest releases available for your distribution
  • Keep Brasero Docs updated

  • Keep Brasero translated as best as you can for your language, contact the GNOME i18n Team

  • Contribute code to fix any bugs open
  • Just use it and have fun!


Brasero is developed by:


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