This page is for planning the Brasero documentation.


Conventional GNOME documentation structure:

  • Introduction
    • What the program is about
    • What it can do
  • Getting Started
    • Starting it
    • Screenshot of the main window
      • Explanation of the main window
  • Creating a New Project
    • Explain what the projects are about
    • Talk about how to burn an audio CD
  • Choosing a Recent Project
  • Erasing a CD/DVD
    • Tell that CD/DVDs need to be erasable!
    • Talk about how to erase a CD
    • Talk about fast blanking
  • Checking Integrity
    • Talk about md5
  • Plugins

User tasks

This is a list of common tasks which users are likely to want to carry out using Brasero. We should consider these use cases when we write the documentation:

  • Burn an audio CD
  • Erase a CD-RW
  • ...

User questions

This is a list of common questions which users might have about the usage of Brasero, which we should try to address in the docs:

  • What is an md5 file? (Tools -> Check Integrity -> Options)

  • What is fast blanking? (Tools -> Erase -> Options)

  • How can I get the side panel back? (View -> Side Panel)

  • How can I tell how many minutes my blank CD has? ("Available Media" button in the project pane, bottom left)
  • Where can I create a music playlist to use with Brasero? (Audio CD project, in file selection pane)


  • CC-BY-SA and GFDL don't seem to be allowed by Debian
  • Any ideas?


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