Virtualization made simple

About Boxes

A simple GNOME application to view, access, and manage remote and virtual systems.

Install Boxes


Browse your machines

Find your local and remote virtual systems.


Customize at ease

Intuitively set your machine preferences and monitor its performance.

Keep it simple

Get things working out of the box with very little input.



  • While virt-manager does a very good job as a virtual machine management software, it's very much tailored for system administration and virtual machines. Boxes, on the other hand, is targeted towards a typical desktop end-user who wants either a very safe and easy way to try out new operating systems or new (potentially unstable) versions of her/his favorite operating system(s), or needs to connect to a remote machine (home-office connection being a typical use-case). For this reason, Boxes does not provide many of the advanced options to tweak virtual machines provided by virt-manager. Instead, Boxes focuses on getting things working out of the box with very little input from user.

    That said, Boxes shares a lot of code with virt-manager project, mainly in the form of libvirt, libosinfo and qemu.


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