Screenshot of the notes taken a doc hackfest


Notes transcription

Which protocols are supported?

Favourites Machines (categories)

Find a Machine

Only show favourites/local machines

Password for machines (wrong password: nothing happens no feedback)

Full-screen / un-full screen

Double-click starts machine

can create machine without boxes

Machines ? (local) are given an IP address (Bridge)

Properties Page (What do they mean?)

  • Protocol
  • Share clipboard (on/off)
  • Resize guest (on/off)
  • USB redirection (on/off)
    • ask permission when you plug-in USB device
    • can manually redirect devices?

CPU, I/O status window

Limits on how many machines can be created / run (only 1 box instance at a time)

single sign-on

Difference between Boxes-managed and remote machines

Machines are suspended when you close boxes

Create a box

  • choose install source (File/URL)
  • express install, fills in info for you
    • unattended installation
  • which OSes are supported
  • Problem with keyboard layout with some OSes


  • connect to VNC or SPICE machine
  • what URI shoud I use

What does Boxes do?

Difference between local VM and remote machine

Delete machine (has "undo, up to a point)

Is the virtual disk deleted too?

System requirements - Processor extensions (Set in BIOS) - any 32/64 bit issues? - ≥ 2 GB RAM needed, - HDD space

Import/export VM images ?

Converting VMware images ?

Focus: Return focus to Host (Ctrl+Alt)

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