Straw handles data coming from news feeds, gconf, dbus, environment variables, and the user. Data that persists over restarts is stored in the gconf subtree /apps/straw, the pickle file ~/.straw/config, and the BerkeleyDB database ~/.straw/itemstore.db.

OPML category subscription

Class: straw.feeds.OPMLCategorySubscription

Persistent fields:

Non-persistent attributes:

Feed categories

Class: straw.feeds.FeedCategory

Persistent fields:

Non-persistent attributes:

Pseudo categories

Class: straw.feeds.PseudoCategory

Persistent fields:

News feeds

Class: straw.feeds.Feed

Persistent fields:

Non-persistent slots:


News posts

Class: straw.SummaryItem.SummaryItem

Persistent fields:

Of these, the following are searchable:

Non-persistent slots:


Classes: straw.ItemStore.ItemStore, straw.ItemStore.MyDB

Schema "key": value:

The BerkeleyDB can be viewed with the command

 db4.2_dump -p ~/.straw/itemstore.db

Config options

Class: straw.Config.Config

In GConf:

 $ gconftool-2 -R /apps/straw

In the pickle file:

 >>> import cPickle
 >>> cPickle.load(".straw/config")

Whether ~/.straw exists already:

os.getenv('STRAW_RELOAD_CSS') is not None

Proxy configuration

In environment variables:

If a proxy is not available in the environment variables, refer to gconf instead:

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