Here are my ideas for Solang about webservices (Flickr, Facebook, ....) :

The most important point is that we mustn't to create simple exporters for these webservices but integrate them in Solang (just like apple's iPhoto do). We can do it thanks to Tracker and some (needed) gvfs backends. Then we can manage online photos like we do for local ones.

Webservices should be integrated in a "Library" dockable item, with the list of albums the user have created on this webservice. To add photos to an online album user can:

  • Click on some exporter button.
  • Drag and Drop photos on an online album.
  • Drag and Drop photos on the webservice item in the Library if this webservice doesn't support albums.

If the user clicks on an online album or webservice item, Solang should display photos the user has uploaded to this webservice/album. Available Solang features should be limited according to the choosen webservice. e.g. editing features must be available only for local photos; tags support for local photos and webservices thaat support it.

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