Some new ideas Based in the simple idea that there the things you do with a photo manager are 1) viewing your photos 2) Viewing information about theses photos

There should be a simple way to see the photos you want to see => organization with tags/events/places...


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Older ideas :

Here are some ideas I have about Solang GUI.

First what's good in current (0.4) UI:

  • Dockable items
  • Search Basket

So these part of the UI should be kept.

There should be three *dockable items*:

  • a Sidebar
  • the Search Basket
  • the Information thing

The Search basket and Information things are the same as current UI. But the Sidebar is a new thing, a mix of f-spot sidebar, picasa's one and iphoto's one.

Here are some mockups showing my ideas with comments for each idea.

the toolbar

The Toolbar

First you can recognize f-spot browser/image view buttons, then slideshow and fullscreen buttons. Then is "send to contact", from the list of this button you could choose "send by mail" and "send by IM". "Share on the web" button could display of a list of activated exporters, like facebook, picasaweb..... Finally the "tags" button display a list of tags attached to the selected image(s) and let you add or remove tags from these images.

the sidebar and its dockable friends

The sidebar : library mode The sidebar : editor mode

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