Mistelix's themes are designed to provide a default look and feel when designing a DVD menu. A theme includes:

* A default background image * The style for the look and feel when a button is selected or highlighted

When audio is supported, they will provided a default audio record for the main menu.

Themes are defined in the file Themes.Xml, usually located in Mistelix's shared directory (e.g. /usr/share/mistelix).

A theme definition looks like this XML fragment:


Background image

This is the background image for the menu. It should be something related to the theme. For example, for a sports theme a picture regarding sports or nature.


Buttons images refer to the images used for selecting and highlighting the buttons used by the user. These are in SVG format and can have up for 4 colors as required by Spumux. All the images provided are quantized (reduced in number of colors) to match this requirement (see function QuantizeSurface at Spumux.cs in Mistelix's source code).

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