This a quick usage guide for Mistelix. It is not supposed to be a full or detailed manual, it only explains the main steps to create and produce a project.

Creating a new Project

To start a new project you have to select the File -> New project option from the main menu.


Mistelix supports two kinds of projects:

* Theora project. Select this project type if you want to author slideshows into video using Theora codec. These videos cannot be reproduced in a DVD Player and can only be played in PCs. * DVD-Video project. Select this project type if you want to author a project that is compatible with the DVD-Video format and can be reproduced in any DVD player.

Adding Videos

Adding Slideshows

A slideshow allows users to select a set of pictures a build a slideshow using a specific set of parameters.


The dialog box is divided in the following areas:

* At the right-top, there is a directory tree that allow users to navigate their hard-drive directory structure. When the directory is changed, the set of images available is loaded in the view below. * At the top-left, there is a treeview that shows the images that the user has dropped from the left view and that are going to be part of the slideshow. * At the right-bottom, you can browse the images that you can drag in the top-left view to become part of your slide. * At the left-bottom, you have a set of controls that allow you to select how the transition behaves: ** Slide duration determines the amount of seconds that the slide is shown ** Transition type selects the transition effect between slides ** How the image text description is position on the image (text position) * The Up & Down buttons allow to change the order of the images within the slideshow

Additionally, the left view has a right menu that offers some contextual operations with the images selected.


Building the project

Once you have finished the authoring the project, you can proceed to build the project. This process includes generating the necessary videos for the slideshows, menus and so on. From the main application menu, the option is available at Project -> Build.

When the user presses the Generate button the generation process starts and creates the necessary output files in the project's output directory.

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