this is the stuff that has been done in the past development cycles and has been removed from the main page -- EmmanueleBassi

2.13 development cycle (obsolete)

Done stuff

Log Viewer

  • Added a tree view in the side pane that groups logs by their directories (e.g. all logs in /var/log/ are grouped together, etc).
  • Default to monitor opened logs. This is now done by relying on gnome-vfs to monitor logs. The log monitoring is also now done in a much saner way, by simply adding new log lines at the end of the displayed log. New lines are displayed in bold for 5 seconds so the user can see what's going on.
  • Now all logs are actively monitored (ie not only the displayed log). When a log is updated, it is shown in bold in the log list until selected.
  • Memory reduction : don't use fixed-size buffers for strings. Cut memory use by ~30%
  • Massive display speed up. The Log Viewer is now usable with logs with more than 20k lines. With a 2.9MB log (more than 25k lines), the opening went from 42s in 2.12.1 to 3s in 2.13.
  • Session management is back and better than ever (it was busted in 2.12).
  • Bug Fixes : gnomebug:318609 gnomebug:318689 gnomebug:156507 gnomebug:316738 gnomebug:317208 gnomebug:318095 gnomebug:156507


  • Complete rewrite of the code base: now it's maintainable, much cleaner and expandible than ever.
  • Separation of the application and the dictionary source querying using libgdict.

  • New dictionary source definition: Dictionary supports choosing between multiple dictionary sources, defined using the Preferences dialog or just by special .desktop files dropped inside $HOME/.gnome2/gnome-dictionary.

  • Reworked the User Interface, now more HIG compliant.
  • Better printing support.
  • It's possible to save a copy of the definitions to a text file.
  • Reworked the User Interface of the panel applet: now, it opens a single window bound to the panel (like Seth Nickell's gnome-blog applet).
  • Many leaks plugged and crasher fixed.
  • Better error descriptions and handling.
  • Removed the speller.
  • Removed the web search.
  • The application now remembers its size and state across sessions.

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