Banter 0.1.x Screenshots

Banter 0.1.10

Group Window

The groups listed on the left-side are coming directly from telepathy which gets them from your jabber host (like Google talk). The people widget has been redone to remove the gecko engine and improve stability. Also note the notification badges on incoming messages that have been missed. The badges will eventually turn red after too many have been missed.


Chat Window

The chat window has also been re-worked to remove the gecko engine. The person widget at the top of the screen is the same widget used in the group window so status and abilities are maintained there. Clicking on the mic or camera will start an audio or video chat session.


Banter 0.1.7

Video Chat

The chat window can handle text, audio, and video chat. Text chat is always available so you can send links or information while having and audio or video chat. Audio and Video can be started and stopped at any time during a chat.


Banter Earlier Releases

Screen shots removed to make the page smaller, plus they became irrelevant.

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