Banter ToDo List

This is a list of tasks that are yet to be done in the Banter project. If you are looking to jump in and do some work on Banter, this is a great place to start.

The project runs on weekly iterations that end each Friday at 12:00 PM MST. On Fridays at 2:00 PM, the project maintainers meet on the #banter IRC channel ( to plan the next week's iteration. This list is used as the basis for planning iterations. The current iterations and release schedule is located on the Banter 0.1.x Development Series page.

Banter TODOs






ContactStyle Prefs Page

Load ContactStyles and allow user to choose and preview the styles

The ThemeManager already loads and validates all ContactStyles and even provides a model to load them into a UI. The UI needs to display the ContactStyles and set the current style using the ThemeManager. This is all UI code, the guts are already done.

AppStyle Prefs Page

Load AppStyles and allow user to choose and preview

Before this can be done, the AppStyles need to be designed and implemented. After AppStyles are done, the ThemeManager will load and validate all AppStyles and provide a model for the UI to display them. The UI should allow the user to select the current AppStyle and use the ThemeManager to set it.

Notification Prefs Page

Set prefs on notification

Mission Control

Integration of Telepathy Mission Control in Banter

Account Prefs Page

If needed (if Mission Control doesn't already provide this)


Design and implement "Theming" for the application

The AppStyle will most likely contain an XML file that describes the colors, icons, and fonts to be used by Banter. The AppStyle may also determine if the GroupWindows have borders and any other cool Theme like prefs. The ThemeManager handles the loading and management of AppStyles.


All of the graphics for the app (icon, controls, etc)


Documentation of Banter


Set of sounds for all events and actions


Be able to log and save chat sessions

Log History

Show previous log history when opening chat window

Spell Check

On the fly spell checking in chat window


Whatever set of these we are going to support


Default set of App, Message, and Contact Styles

If you are an HTML/CSS/Javascript guru this is your task! We would like to have several default sets of Styles (Themes) for Banter. We would also welcome input here on how the ContactStyles and AppStyles should be built.

Contact Sync

Full Sync between Telepathy and EDS

The PersonSync class today only pushes Telapathy contacts into EDS. This needs to be changed into a full sync. When Telepathy Contacts are removed, the appropriate properties should be removed from EDS. When EDS contacts are changed (added, deleted, or modified) the appropriate Telepathy Contacts/Groups should be created/modified/deleted.


Email integration, notification of emails, and creation of emails

Badge Notification

Notify on Contact ability badges (5 emails, 4 text chats, etc.)

Group UI

Remove groups and be able to add/remove people into groups.

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