Building and Installing Banter

Required Packages

You'll need a bunch of *-devel packages installed (gtk2-devel, gnome-common, intltool, etc.). You'll also need the following (versions known to work in openSUSE 10.3 are noted in parenthesis):

  • dbus-1-glib (0.73)
  • evolution-sharp (0.12.0)
  • farsight (0.1.19)
  • gnome-keyring-sharp (0.1.0)
  • gspcav (webcam driver) (01.00.12_2.6.18.8_0.3-3)
  • gst-plugins-farsight (0.12.1)
  • jscall-sharp (needed to call JavaScript in Gecko# from C#) (0.0.2)

  • libjingle (0.3.11)
  • libtelepathy (0.0.55)
  • loudmouth (1.2.0)
  • ndesk-dbus (0.5.2)
  • ndesk-dbus-glib (0.3)
  • telepathy-gabble (0.5.11)
  • telepathy-sharp (0.13.2)
  • telepathy-stream-engine (0.3.23)

See a dependency map

If you're running openSUSE 10.3 (Factory), we maintain an install repository for the needed versions of these packages here:

Getting the Source Code

Banter's source code is stored in GNOME SVN. To get a working copy of the latest available source code, type:

 svn co banter

If you're a Banter AUTHOR, use the following to checkout the code:

 svn co svn+ssh:// banter

Browse the code online using


Then, you'll run the following in the banter/ directory:

./ --prefix=/home/user/stage/banter  (or ./configure if you're using the tarball)
make install

Alternatively, you can omit the make install step and run Banter directly in the banter/ directory:

make run

Current Bug List

Banter Bugzilla List

Submitting Patches

Before submitting patches, please read the following:

  1. Banter/CodingGuidelines

  2. Banter/HowToSubmitPatches

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