Almanah Diary

Small diary application


Almanah Diary is a personal diary application actually ported to GNOME 3. It's a user-end useful application and would be offer a better UX with a re-design center in the main flow: save personal notes, not for share.


  • {o} Needs design

    {*} Design in progress

    {o} Needs implementation

    {o} Implementation in progress

    {o} Stable

Relevant Art

DayOne (Mac)


MacJournal (Mac)


Memories (Mac)



Initial ideas and thoughts - these should be focused on generating goals and scope.

Goals and scope

Center the user attention in what he's writing, and search in a clear way older diary entries.

Main window


This main window implements the GtkHeaderbar, reducing the vertical space, defining three sections: navigation at the left, the main title at the center (fixed, non-interactive) and a right section allowing the user to modify properties about the current entry.

The font style menu has been merged into the "hamburger" or "gear" menu button.


The calendar button at the left side of the Header opens a popup with the entries calendar and two buttons ("Go to Today" and "Select Date...") as you can see:



Design guidance for developers.


  • Maybe for the second concept, favorite day button could be directly right to the date selector. They are also not directly related to the webcam/mic buttons, as far as I see. I'm also not sure that the add time function should be kept, especially as a button. It's quite easy to see the time on gnome 3 and takes less time to type it rather than clicking on a button to add it. A solution might be to experiment date and favorite day button centered. Guillemin
    • Yes, good points. I specially like the idea of move the date and mark as important to the center. Álvaro.
  • Looks great. However the current application limits to one entry per day - that might be limiting if user works on a few things concurrently (for example have a few projects, is taking notes from few courses at college, takes notes from both professional life and personal). Ability to tag/enter a few entries per day would solve the problem. Maciej
    • From my point of view this is one of the biggest weakness of Almanah, and something like that is in our scope, take a look at bug 689766. Álvaro.

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