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GNOME Activity Journal

Coalescing: organising projects

I can't help to think coalescing has to be very very important for Gnome Zeitgeist to be successful. By coalescing I mean the automatic and magic grouping of recently used files into activities. I base this only on seeing screenshots such as What if this would be final Zeitgeist? Horrible! It's just a mess. We want files that belong together to be grouped here -- look, code (.py) is all over, letters to mom mixed with music.

The role of Gnome Zeitgeist is to be cross-desktop and user-centric. It's nische is exactly here: to bring magic, and put the user's files and activities together and say: these belong together, you did this yesterday.


I can imagine UI like the card linked above, but using *stacks* or something like it to display items that belong together

How to do the magic

Where to find the needed magic? Heuristics, heuristics heuristics. Use the cloud of data: Simply grouping files by filetype is far too simplistic. Imagine a task that involve files:

* Writing a report/presentation: This involves the main document (presentation.odp or report.tex + report.pdf) but also added image files, bookmarked web pages.

Zeitgeist should look at files that are recently used. Are they all in the same folder? What does the modification pattern look like? report.tex generates report.{pdf,aux,toc,trash,etc} (we never open the trash files, so heuristic tells us to demphasize them). Modification date and locality makes us associate report.tex with report.pdf

Similarily, added pictures to the same folder when building a presentation, or even files that change at the same time at very different places.. using the desktop + some document folder could be coalesced. Just use the time perspective. Use atime if available.

Use extra smarts like recognizing the User's download folder as something special (most recent file very important, older files might as well be trash..; files in this folder might be wildly unrelated), recognize folders inside ~/Documents in the same way but with different implications..

I really think this belongs to Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist is the central and where the magic happens. Applications are just sources, tools, and the spider in the web has to puzzle together the holistic perspective.


we could list the items on the current day. We should also do bookmarking here too. When the user clicks more maybe we can show the last 3 days and a selector to go back in time more (+bookmarking and all).

For organisation we can separate using mime types (like Zeitgeist does now)

Maybe the user can open the GUI for Zeitgeist by clicking a button or something to get more functionality like the time machine.

The search bar on the top should be used too.

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