City of Largo Items

The following items are required in order to provide something that we could deploy. I want to run this in the widget layer of Compiz. That would allow me to fire it off automatically when the user logs in, and hide it from their view. It would index and catch up in the background. Exposing the widget layer would have Zeitgeist immediately ready for them to use.

Required Changes

  • Gconf key to disable and enable the window manager/decorator. I won't want the users to be able to exit the software. Or they will close it from the widget layer and wonder why it's not still running. Toggling the widget layer hides the UI.
  • Gconf key for height, width and position of the UI. I'll set that automatically based on their current xdpyinfo. People move from resolution to resolution during the day. I'll set it automatically to sit on the bottom, and fill the whole area left to right.

Useful Changes

  • Change "Recent" button to "Today" and use same artwork as Evolution. Icon parity is helpful to users.
  • As windows gets wider, display more days. On a wide screen monitor I should be able to see 4-5 days.

File Triggers/Actions

Experimental work is being done in creating popup menus for files found in Zeitgeist. The images below are the current helper bars that are used with the various file types at Largo. These have changed somewhat since my presentation last year. These cover what 99% of our users want to do with files.

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