Notes from the hackfest in Bolzano


We couldn't come up with a good interface for the filtering options (show web/documents/images/etc.). The main cause of clutter in the timeline is due to Web pages, though. So, let's first do a good job of removing cruft in the Web items. Then we can see how the timeline looks — maybe filtering is not needed after all. One problem at a time.

It sounds like we will definitely need blacklists.

Ideas that need exploration

Assign a color to each file automatically, to make it easier to spot.

Drag files into the future, as reminders that you'll need those files that day ("materials for a conference").

For web data, try two things:

  • Group items by domain (*
  • Hide web pages that were shown for less than N minutes.

Notes on the Calendar widget

This is being reworked in the pretty-calendar branch.

Keyboard navigation of the calendar widget

Focus-in paints focus rectangle on the handle.

Right/left move the handle.

Plus/minus grow and shrink the handle.

Tooltip with key shortcuts?

Up/down change the month, as well as PgUp/PgDown.

Home takes you to today.

Ideas for the timeline view

Items could look like

 [icon] One-two-three.jpg                      07:05
 [icon] Bleh bleh bleh.doc                     06:00


Here, the mouse is over "One-two-three.jpg". Like in Twitter's web timeline, the actions could fade in when you mouse over the item (open, print, etc.).

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