Anna Jonna Armannsdottir

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Involvement in Gnome

Back in 1996 I was using Evolution and Gnome on a RedHat system and later on a GNU/Linux Debian system. Living in Denmark i hooked up with the danish translation team. Worked on Evolution translation for a few months, until I got a job overseas, and moved.

Living in Iceland, i hooked up with rglug - Reykjavík GnNU Linux User Group, in an effort to translate Ubuntu Hardy Heron to icelandic.

Involvement in GIMP

As an amateur photographer I have been using GIMP a lot, so I would like to see the GIMP translated into my native tounge: icelandic.

Involvement in Academia

I have been using *NIX systems since 1986 as a student at Aalborg University. As a professional Systems Administrator at the University of Iceland, I am responsible for the GNU/Linux distributions offered in the computer labs. I feel that we should be able to give the users the freedom to choose a user interface language of their preference. The icelandic language should be a viable choice.

Involvement in Ubuntu

Some stuff I am using




Icelandic Language

ISO 639-1 Code: is ISO 639-2 Code: ice (bibliographic) ISO 639-2 Code: isl (terminology).

Wordlists for the Icelandic Language


Translation Projects, Teams and People

My Car, Bike, wha'eve'


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