Andrés G. Aragoneses

Email: <knocte AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

Maintainer of Banshee. Contributor of .NET/Mono bindings for GObject libraries: (we map gtk+, cairo, gdk, atk, pango, gio, etc). Worked for Novell on the Desktop team.

Also sporadic contributor for MonoDevelop, F# (yes, it's open source [1]), Mono, and the XWT toolkit. I know a bit of a11y too (worked on atk#; speaker at GUADEC and GUADEC-ES) and I'm excited about Vala, Sparkleshare, and other new things.

By day, I work as a web-backend developer, with frameworks such as ServiceStack (the one used by Rainy [2], the minimalistic Tomboy sync-service).

IRC and Twitter username: knocte ; gnome username: aaragoneses

[1] [2]

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