Intent for GUADEC in 2015


Gothenburg, Sweden

Local GNOME hackers

Local companies and organizations

  • Technical University of Chalmers
  • There are at least two local companies using GNOME technologies as part of the GENIVI Alliance (Volvo & Pelagicore, as well as several software consulting businesses. Several smaller free software consultancy businesses (Commons Machinery, Morus)

  • There is also the FFKP (F√∂reningen fri kultur och programvara) software organization, the Fripost e-mail association and the GBGhackerspace, the local hackerspace.

Getting there

  • Landvetter Airport (GOT): Lufthansa, Airberlin, SAS, KLM
  • Gothenburg City Airport (Ryanair, Norwegian)
  • Possible to drive or take the train from Berlin

Possible venues

Additional information

  • Every year, in November, we host the Nordic free software conference, FSCONS. Oliver Propst is one of the organizers together with other local free software enthusiasts who have shown interest in helping out with the organization of GUADEC.
  • There is no Swedish conspiracy

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