Contacting Translation Teams

Potential Contact Letter

To contact translation coordinators that might face problems as per the statistics on

Status of $LANGUAGE GNOME Translations


I am contacting you as you are listed on$LANGUAGE_ABBREVIATION/ as language team coordinator.

Looking at the statistics on 
it seems that the coverage for your language in GNOME is drowning: In GNOME
$OLD_VERSION the language had $XX% while in GNOME $RECENT_VERSION it dropped to $YY%.

It would be good to know what the problem is, if there is one.
Could you please elaborate on the reasons?

In case your translation team misses manpower, could you please consider
contacting downstream teams for your language and ask for collaboration?
Remember that all distributions profit from upstream translations in
GNOME and also save time, as those translations are shared among
Here are some links with contact information for some distributions:

In case you as a coordinator simply do not have enough time anymore to
translate GNOME to your language, could you please contact other members
of your team and ask if they could take over maintainership, and
announce this to ?

For general GNOME translation questions please check and feel free to contact

Thanks in advance for helping GNOME to be available in your language!

Other Open Source Translation Teams

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