/!\ This milestone plan proposal has been MERGED into the Schedule draft, hence this site is OUTDATED.

2.99 (outdated)

Schedule draft

Available for public at http://live.gnome.org/TwoPointTwentyseven .

Milestone plan proposal (note that this HAS BEEN MERGED NOW into the Schedule at http://live.gnome.org/TwoPointTwentyseven ):

  • 2.26.1: ZERO modules with Glib-Deprecated-Symbols. Means: Yelp must be fixed.

  • 2.27.1: Officially announce libglade as deprecated in favor of GtkBuilder after important bugs (like 553385) have been identified and fixed (Tracker bug).

  • 2.27.1: Clear a11y plan and schedule MUST exist for 3.0 and must be in place for 2.29.5. Define acceptable regressions. See http://live.gnome.org/Accessibility/BonoboDeprecation . --> TODO: add Target Milestones here after having a plan. --> Status report by WillieWalker?

  • 2.27.1: Less than 18 modules depending on libgnome. Less than 18 modules depending on libgnomeui.
  • 2.27.1: ZERO modules dependening on Esound, Gnomeprint, gnome-vfs. Means: GOK must get rid of Esound. gnome-mag must get rid of gnome-vfs.

  • 2.27.1: Less than 25 modules with Gtk-Deprecated-Symbols, less than 6 modules with complex status, less than 6 modules with average status.
  • 2.27.1: Evolution-Data-Server must be migrated to d-bus by default. --> RossBurton?

  • 2.27.1: gtkhtml must not depend on Bonobo anymore. --> MatthewBarnes.

  • 2.27.1: gnome-shell alpha release (Note: This does not imply a decision about the potential future inclusion/deprecation of gnome-shell/gnome-panel.) Also see this thread. --> OwenTaylor

  • 2.27.1: WebKit status report for 2.27.5.

  • 2.27.2: Less than 35 modules depending on libglade.
  • 2.27.3: Less than 12 modules depending on libgnome. Less than 12 modules depending on libgnomeui.
  • 2.27.3: Evolution must not depend on Bonobo anymore. --> MatthewBarnes. Status report for 2.27.1. If not ready for 2.27.3 we do not merge. 2.29.1 will become the MUST HAVE, also for evolution-exchange.

  • 2.27.3: Complete migration from HAL to DeviceKit done. Fedora targets this for Fedora 11. No need for GNOME to track this too, trusting Red Hat here.

  • 2.27.4: Less than 20 modules depending on libglade.
  • 2.27.4: Less than 5 modules with non-low Gtk-Deprecated-Symbols. Less than 15 modules total with Gtk-Deprecated-Symbols.
  • 2.27.5: Less than 9 modules depending on libgnome. Less than 9 modules depending on libgnomeui.
  • 2.27.5: Complete WebKit migration from Mozilla/XulRunner - Depends on a11y issues and DOM bindings probably.

  • 2.27.90: Only modules with low Gtk-Deprecated-Symbols allowed (except for those modules that require API breakage to fix, e.g. Evolution-Data-Server).
  • 2.27.91: gnome-shell beta release. Also see this thread. --> OwenTaylor

  • 2.27.91: Less than 10 modules depending on libglade.
  • 2.29.1: ZERO modules with Gtk-Deprecated-Symbols. We try to break API now wherever required (e.g. for Evolution-Data-Server).

  • 2.29.1: ZERO modules depending on Libart_lgpl. Means: EOG.

  • 2.29.1: Less than 5 modules depending on libglade.
  • 2.29.1: gnome-panel must not depend on bonobo anymore, so other modules depending on gnome-panel can also get rid of their bonobo dependencies. --> VincentUntz

  • 2.29.1: Evolution-exchange either MUST not depend on bonobo anymore, or for 2.29.5 evolution-mapi MUST have feature parity with Evolution-exchange.

  • 2.29.2: New a11y infrastructure must be in place. See http://live.gnome.org/Accessibility/BonoboDeprecation . If there will be regressions we define them now and clearly announce them in advance for 3.0.

  • 2.29.2: Less than 5 modules depending on libgnome. Less than 5 modules depending on libgnomeui.
  • 2.29.2: Less than 4 modules depending on Bonobo.
  • 2.29.3: ZERO modules depending on gnome-canvas. Means: Evolution, gtkhtml, anjuta.

  • 2.29.4: ZERO modules (except for libglade) depending on Bonobo/Orbit.
  • 2.29.4: ZERO modules depending on libgnome or libgnomeui.
  • 2.29.5: ZERO modules depending on libglade. All modules must have migrated from libglade to GtkBuilder.

  • 2.29.91: GTK and Glib 3 must be released.

  • 3.0: We accept regressions in a11y. We clearly announce these regressions in the release notes. We have a nice release notes. We have a huge party with lots of icecream.

Biggest problems:

  • http://live.gnome.org/LibgnomeMustDie lists still lots of functionality not migrated. Who will work on this? Companies putting manpower in this?

  • Evolution codebase and the project's lack of manpower (also see comments below)

  • Bonobo in gnome-panel blocking several other apps using Bonobo --> Vincent Untz

  • Bonobo deeply integrated in the a11y infrastructure - must have a seperate a11y plan for this, see http://live.gnome.org/Accessibility/BonoboDeprecation

  • Some deprecated functionality/symbols misses documentation in library.gnome.org about its replacement (Example) We make it unnecessarily hard for contributors/maintainers here.

  • There are lots of unmaintained modules.
  • If a patch to fix one of the mentioned goals will not be reviewed within two months and after the release-team has been unsuccessful in contacting its maintainers, the release-team may roll a non-maintainer release.


Not covered by this plan by purpose:


  • We do not cover stuff like Vala, PolicyKit or PackageKit here. You're free to discuss them, but they are not crucial for this GNOME3 schedule. The cut has to be somewhere.

  • <mbarnes> gtkhtml doesn't have a bonobo issue any more. that's what the 2.24 composer rewrite solved. the old html-editor composer based on bonobo is still in the tarball. but it's deprecated and not built by default anymore. we could dump html-editor today if we wanted. all "#include <bonobo" are in /components/html-editor/ except for the one in ./gtkhtml/gtkhtml/testgtkhtml.c

  • <mbarnes> one thing that concerns me about GTK 3.0: I think we're gonna have to suck up some deprecated widgets to keep ETable in Evolution alive. GtkCList, and a couple others. if GtkTreeView would just learn to render groups like ETable can, we could get busy killing ETable. and someone writing a decently fast tree model for the message list that doesn't drag evo into the dirt. pvanhoof had some advice about this, I believe.

  • <elmarco> vu-meter in gnome-media uses esound but is disabled by default

  • <elmarco> cddb-slave in gnome-media uses lots of deprecated gtk function calls but is disabled by default

  • <phomes> The many deprecated gtk calls in gnome-games will go away once ggz gets around doing a new stable release

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