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[DIFF] 16:43 Info MichaelCatanzaro
[DIFF] 15:48 Info ErnestasKulik [1-3]
DebarshiRay [4-13]
#01 Remove estimates
#02 Update estimates
#03 Add sponsorship request estimates
#05 Upload of attachment 'red-hat-logo.png'.
#07 Felipe and Carlos confirmed in person
#13 Peg the dates
[DIFF] 14:51 Info AlexanderMikhaylenko Updated roadmap
[DIFF] 14:02 Info AdrienPlazas [1-2] #01 Add the steps to publish tarballs and add missing 4 to some commands
#02 Explain how to produce a new version up to generating the tarball
[DIFF] 09:52 Info FelipeBorges
[DIFF] 09:51 Info FelipeBorges
[DIFF] 09:51 Info FelipeBorges Add link to the "help"/manual pages
[DIFF] 18:45 Info ChristianSchaller
[DIFF] 14:23 Info JavierJardon Add info about current releases
[DIFF] 13:07 Info YatinMaan
[DIFF] 13:06 Info LudovicoDeNittis Fix Wikipedia link
[DIFF] 12:49 Info JensGeorg
[DIFF] 09:24 Info GuillaumeGomez [1]
SebastianDröge [2-3]
[DIFF] 01:36 Info ChunHungHuang
[DIFF] 22:56 Info bobufa
[DIFF] 13:40 Info AllanDay
[DIFF] 11:14 Info AlThomas Point development release notes to .changes file
[DIFF] 10:16 Info JensGeorg [1-6]
[DIFF] 10:13 Info JensGeorg [1-2]
[DIFF] 09:43 Info JensGeorg [1-4]
[DIFF] 09:21 Info Saurabh [1-2]
[DIFF] 22:10 Info OleAamot
[DIFF] 18:39 Info HarishFulara07
[DIFF] 14:50 Info TobiasMueller usb-protection: link to details page
[DIFF] 14:49 Info TobiasMueller init
[DIFF] 06:23 Info BinLi [1-2] #02 Add photo stream.
[DIFF] 23:02 Info MarinusSchraal [1-2] #02 Since 11.1 force push to contributor/develope r branches is possible.
[DIFF] 15:17 Info TingweiLan tracker and grilo-plugins issues fixed
[DIFF] 13:26 Info NielsDeGraef Trivial: moved seahorse update to the correct section
[DIFF] 09:47 Info JiahuiLiu
[DIFF] 08:53 Info OliverPropst
[DIFF] 21:56 Info AdrienPlazas [1-2] #01 Fix a typo
#02 Replace bsnes by bsnes-mercury and mark DeSmuME 2015 good on nightly
[DIFF] 21:45 Info AdrienPlazas Update touch screen
[DIFF] 21:33 Info JavierJardon pygobject done
[DIFF] 13:37 Info IvanMolodetskikh
[DIFF] 08:07 Info EishaChen-yen-su
[DIFF] 02:26 Info MichaelCatanzaro
[DIFF] 01:37 Info PhilipChimento
[DIFF] 01:29 Info PhilipChimento Add link to new minutes
[DIFF] 22:46 Info EricHendricks
[DIFF] 22:12 Info RohitKaushik
[DIFF] 17:25 Info Jan Tojnar gucharmap → done
[DIFF] 16:07 Info TobiasMueller actually remove because the membership has not been entered yet
[DIFF] 11:36 Info AllanDay add table of contents
[DIFF] 11:10 Info CarlosSoriano Use the more secure --force-with-lease, recommended by Jano Svitok
[DIFF] 08:29 Info OliverPropst


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