How to test high density display support using Jhbuild

This was done with a Chromebook Pixel. Instructions on how to install a GNOME distro on this:

See Alex's posts for more details:

1. Set up your jhbuild environment

This guide assumes that you are using ~/checkout/gnome/ for your Jhbuild source and /opt/gnome as the Jhbuild install directory.

2. Configure jhbuildrc

What you need to build:

modules = ['gtk+', 'gnome-themes-standard', 'gsettings-desktop-schemas', 'gnome-settings-daemon', 'gnome-shell']

And specify the development branches:

branches['gnome-themes-standard'] = 'origin/wip/hidpi'
branches['gsettings-desktop-schemas'] = 'origin/wip/window-scales'
branches['gnome-settings-daemon'] = 'origin/wip/window-scales'
branches['gnome-shell'] = 'origin/wip/window-scales'

3. Clone and build the device-scale cairo branch

cd ~/checkout/gnome
git clone git://
cd cairo
git checkout -b device-scale origin/device-scale
./ --prefix=/opt/gnome --libdir=/opt/gnome/lib64 --includedir=/opt/gnome/include --enable-gl
make && make install

3. Build everything else

jhbuild build

4. Configure your environment to use hi-dpi

jhbuild shell
gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings overrides "{ 'Gdk/WindowScalingFactor':<2>, 'Gdk/UnscaledDPI':<92160> }"

5. Test to see if it works

Do this in the jhbuild shell:


Then try:

gnome-shell -r

5. If it doesnt work...

Check to see if cairo installed in the right place (you want to get output from this):

grep device_scale /opt/gnome/include/cairo/*.h

Force rebuild GTK+:

jhbuild buildone -fa gtk+

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