Bugzilla Statuses

Research into how different projects categorise their bugs.


Statuses: unconfirmed, new (unused), assigned (not really used), need info, resolved.


Statuses: unconfirmed, new, assigned, reopened, ready, fixed, resolved, verified, invalid, wontfix, duplicate, worksforme, incomplete.

New: “This bug has recently been added to the assignee's list of bugs and must be processed.”

Ready: “This bug has enough information so that the developer can start working on a fix.”



Statuses: new, incomplete, invalid, confirmed, in progress, fix committed, fix released, triaged, won’t fix.

Confirmed: “a member of the community other than the original reporter believes that this report describes a genuine bug in enough detail that a developer could start work on a fix.”

Triaged: “the bug supervisor considers that the bug report contains all information a developer needs to start work on a fix.”



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