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Here are a few things I'll have to have a closer look at later.

Lists in GNOME

We have lists everywhere. Not much consistency.

Conference organization

GNOME for photographers

We need to improve the experience with RAW photographs.

  • Eye of GNOME
    • can be set as the default program to open them with, but it doesn't know how to Go to the Next or Previous RAW file in the directory (discussed in this bug report)

    • doesn't seem to know how to read metadata, fields are empty in the left pane
  • Sushi interprets incorrectly rotation metadata and does a flip instead of a rotation.

  • The properties dialog for JPG files in Nautilus has an "Image" tab with metadata, we should have the same for RAW files.


We should start a project to integrate WikiMedia content in the GNOME desktop.

  • Background images for cities in Weather and Clocks?
  • Wiktionary as a dictionary source

Sky observation

  • A GNOME app to track ISS and predict when it is a good time to spot it?

    • Now that I think about it, it could be an app to track any sky/space related event. Anytime there's something worth observing, the app would tell you about it.
    • Maybe integrate with

    • The app would of course be location aware.
    • Tentative names: GNOME SpaceProbe, GNOME SkyObserver, GNOME Telescope.

  • A GNOME app version of ?


  • Gamification of contribution, OpenHub integration, à la GNOME RPG panel applet

  • MediaGoblin integration!

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