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This page is a collection of research relating to GNOME design ideas. Each entry is organized by specific problems I am attempting to solve. These problems relate to GNOME 3 but can also relate to GNOME 2 as well. Feel free to comment on these entries.


It's difficult to describe a precise definition of "market leading platforms". Because much of the design focus at GNOME is focused on GNOME 3 I will focus on mobile platforms. However, desktops will be considered as well.

Reference: "Exhibit 1: Vendor share of consumer compute, 2000-2016E" (page 4)

  • Mobile:
    • Google: Android phone, tablet, all-in-one desktop.
    • Apple: iOS on the iPhone, iPad.
  • Desktop:
    • Microsoft: Windows XP, Windows 7.
    • Google: Chrome OS.
    • Apple: Mac OS X.


To be perfectly honest I don't think anyone will bother actually contributing to this effort. I'm open to collaboration but the chances of it are unlikely. If you would like to contribute just contact me.

Catalog Entries

"Feature in Focus"

The "Feature in Focus" is the problem that I am attempting to solve. Then by comparative analysis I will post sketches and design mock-ups that solve that problem. The entries above are just test entries used to refine the analysis method.

Initial lists of features can be found:

Entry Format

Each entry will feature examples with screenshots of how this feature is designed in the operating systems listed above in the Platforms section.

Example structure

  • Message Tray

  • Android:
    • [screenshot]
    • description
  • iOS:
    • [screenshot]
    • description
  • Windows 7:
    • [screenshot]
    • description
  • (...)


There will be a Discussion section in each page for participants to make comments.


  • Email: << alxgrtnstrngl (at) SPAMFREE gmail DOT com >>

  • GNOME Wiki: AlexGS

  • Google+: Google+ is my preferred method of contact.


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