GNOME Advisory Board Members' Roles & Responsibilities

Companies that support GNOME can join the GNOME Advisory Board by invitation. The GNOME Advisory Board members are representatives of organizations and companies that support GNOME. While the Advisory Board does not have decision-making authority for the GNOME Foundation, its members communicate with the Board of Directors and help the Directors guide the overall direction of GNOME and the GNOME Foundation.

Companies that are members of the GNOME Advisory Board are expected to:

  • Support GNOME.
  • Promote GNOME.
  • Appoint two employees to be members of the Advisory Board. Typically one manager and one technical employee represent a company. We have found that two representatives offers more continuity and diversity of feedback.

Individuals on the GNOME Advisory Board are expected to:

  • Attend the annual in person board meeting typically held at GUADEC every year.
  • Participate in discussions on the GNOME Advisory Board mailing list.
  • Subscribe to and follow the GNOME Foundation list.

  • Offer feedback on any GNOME plans discussed during the meetings or on the mailing list.
  • Bring up relevant topics.
  • Make sure the GNOME board is aware of greater industry happenings.
  • Advise GNOME on their company plans where appropriate.

Areas that the Advisory Board can help with in particular are:

  • Marketing. Many of the Advisory Board members have marketing departments and market products built on or including GNOME technologies. Plus many of the individuals on the board have experience in marketing. Any help understanding the markets that GNOME technologies are used in or how GNOME should market itself is very useful.
  • Customer feedback. GNOME does not directly ship product to end users. GNOME relies on partners like the Advisory Board members to pass on any relevant feedback from their customers that could help improve GNOME.
  • In-depth test results, such as usability tests, performance tests, etc.
  • Finances. The Advisory Board will be asked to review and give feedback on the annual budget. GNOME finances are very transparent and the GNOME Advisory Board is encouraged to follow the GNOME Foundation list and give feedback as appropriate.
  • Hardware and resources for specific infrastructure or tasks. In the past Advisory Board members have helped out the GNOME Foundation with hardware or with funding for specific infrastructure tasks. That help is much appreciated.
  • Sending employees to events, especially hackfests.
  • Allowing and supporting employees to take on roles within the community (such as a board member, member of the release team, etc.)
  • Funding for events, especially hackfests that fit the needs of the company. Funding includes providing employee time and travel, office space for the event, etc.
  • Supporting GNOME programs like the GNOME Outreach for Women and Accessibility.
  • Roadmap discussions. GNOME would like to have downstream partners involved in roadmap discussions and values information on how and when Advisory Board companies need certain technologies as well as input on what is most relevant on the roadmap.
  • Collaborate with other advisory board companies on GNOME plans and projects.