New Account Requests

/!\ Translators don't need a Git account anymore for submitting their translations. Please read the following posts (first announce, second announce) to find out why.

GIT Accounts

Git accounts grant commit access to


We do request that applicants have submitted a reasonable number of patches to an existing maintainer, or bugzilla reports before they request direct commit access.


  1. Send a mail to that contains all of the following:

    • Your full name
    • Permanent email address
    • Requested account name. Please note - no nicknames - see ../AccountNamePolicy for details about account name requirements.

    • Explanation why you think you should get an account
  2. Also attach to the e-mail (do not paste inline!) the public part of your passphrase protected SSH version 2 key pair (usually ~/.ssh/ Note: We require RSA (4096 preferred). Use ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096. Please make sure your key matches all the requirements listed at ../SSHKeyGuidelines. If your key does not match all requirements, it will not be possible to use it, and your accounts application will be significantly delayed.

  3. You can then follow the status of the assigned ticket HERE.

  4. Once the account has been created you will receive an e-mail from with RESOLVED as the first word of the subject. If more details are needed from the Accounts Team to process your application you will be mailed accordingly.

  5. Retrieve your temporary Account Management System password with the following command (ssh -l $userid, once you ran the command look for an e-mail on your INBOX containing the password. The e-mail address is the one you specified as your Permanent e-mail address on the account request). Once done login for directly managing your account. More details on the Account Management System are available HERE.

  6. Make sure to read the following wiki pages before committing to any GNOME module:


Other account requests

If you are interested in receiving one of the following benefits please read the following instructions:

  1. Creating a blog at HERE

  2. mail aliases are currently created automatically within 24h from your acceptance into the GNOME Foundation (the e-mail the alias will be binded to is the one available on your user profile page on the Account Management System).

For the following other requests please mail <> stating so:

  1. Accessing for publishing new releases (requires the DOAP file of the module you will be publishing new releases to contain a maintainer tag with your userid)
  2. Receiving a account
  3. Requesting a webspace (instructions on how to login are available HERE)

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