Accounts Team

Members of the accounts team will periodically login to the Request Tracker and go through the tickets in the 'Accounts' queue. They will handle most tickets by either requesting approval or authentication from somebody, or by using the Account Management System web interface to action the request in the GNOME LDAP user directory.

Current team members are:

Optionally, team members will hang out on #sysadmin so they can ask questions if they don't know what to do and to respond to people who ping for a quick turnaround on their account request.

What the Accounts Team take care of

  • New GIT account requests
  • New shell account requests for maintainers to access
  • New webspaces for existing contributors
  • Other maintenance duties like account cleanups or helping users figure out their account details

What users can do without the need of the Accounts Team:


  • Update their personal information
  • Update their e-mail address
  • Update their SSH keys


For contributors:

  1. Are you willing to request an account? head here.

  2. Helpful readings: Account names FAQ, Account names policy.

For Accounts Team members:

  1. Are you unsure on how to process an account change? head here.

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