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3.2 "Nice to Haves"


{i} This page lists:

  • the accessibility changes we feel are strongly desired to have in time for the release of GNOME 3.2, but not absolutely essential.

  • items which we feel can be addressed, if given sufficient resources

/!\ Team members should:

  • keep existing entries up-to-date
  • ensure all entries remain uniform in content and appearance

{X} For those things which are absolutely essential, please see our 3.2 Issues page.

A11y Team Modules


  • Key Contacts: EitanIsaacson

  • Work Remaining - Updated: 26-April-2011

    1. Need to determine what is required.

      • Impact: We currently have no fully-incorporated, fully-working on-screen keyboard shipping with GNOME 3.

      • Bug(s): None filed at this time.

      • Next Action: To be identified.

      • Person(s) Responsible: EitanIsaacson

Java ATK Wrapper (JAW)

  • Key Contacts: Ke Wang

  • Work Remaining - Updated: 26-April-2011

    1. Eliminate X Conflict

      • Impact: At least one Java application hangs the GNOME desktop using JAW.

      • Bug(s): 648152

      • Next Action: Create the patches for JAW, at-spi and Orbit-2.

      • Person(s) Responsible: Ke Wang

    2. Other bugs need triaging

GNOME Shell Magnifier

  • Key Contacts: JosephS

  • Work Remaining - Updated: 7-April-2011

    1. GNOME Shell Magnifier does not track focus or the caret.

      • Impact: GNOME Shell Magnifier users must either use Orca, or regularly move the mouse to see the active area. Screen magnification solutions in other platforms do not have the requirement of using a screen reader.

      • Bug(s): 647074

      • Next Action: To be identified.

      • Person(s) Responsible: None at this time.


  • Key Contacts: JoanmarieDiggs, AlejandroLeiva

  • Work Remaining - Updated: 6-September-2011

    1. Orca currently "drives" some magnifiers; it should instead co-exist with them.

      • Impact: The majority of magnification users do not require the full support of a screen reader; the majority of screen reader users do not require magnification users. Thus most users are getting overhead and UI elements that do not apply to them.

      • Bug(s): 647076

      • Next Action: Wait until gnome-shell mag implements focus and caret tracking.

      • Person(s) Responsible: JoanmarieDiggs

    2. Orca should provide access to more complex documents rendered via WebKitGtk.

      • Impact: All but the simplest of content displayed by Empathy is not accessible to users who are blind.

      • Bug(s): None filed at this time.

      • Next Action: Joanmarie will complete the necessary work in Orca.

      • Person(s) Responsible: JoanmarieDiggs

Other GNOME Modules


  • Key Contacts: MatthiasClasen, Benjamin Otte, Li Yuan

  • Work Remaining - Updated: 7-June-2011

    1. Incorporate Gail into Gtk

      • Impact: This should hopefully give the a11y code more attention from GTK+ people, and allow us to remove some gross hacks that were necessitated by the code living outside GTK+ in a module.

      • Bug(s): None filed at this time.

      • Next Actions: (As outlined in Matthias' plan)

        • Benjamin and Cosimo review and merge all the outstanding CSS feature branches for 3.2.
        • Matthias does a 3.1 release.
        • Benjamin and Matthias work on moving the gail code to gtk/a11y and doing some initial cleanups in master, the goal being to have things back to a more or less working state, by mid-July, so another 3.1 release with this can be done before Guadec.
      • Person(s) Responsible: MatthiasClasen, Benjamin Otte, AlejandroPi├▒eiro, others


  • Key Contacts: AlejandroPi├▒eiro, DanWinship

  • Work Remaining - Updated: 25-April-2011

    1. Implement Accessibility Theming

      • Impact: Users for whom the sole current gnome-shell theme is insufficient do not have a simple means to adjust the theme to better suit their needs.

      • Bug(s): 618888

      • Next Action: To be identified.

      • Person(s) Responsible: DanWinship

gnome themes standard

Common Magnifier Framework

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