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3.6 "Nice to Haves"


{i} This page lists:

  • the accessibility changes we feel are strongly desired to have in time for the release of GNOME 3.6, but not absolutely essential.

  • items which we feel can be addressed, if given sufficient resources

/!\ Team members should:

  • keep existing entries up-to-date
  • ensure all entries remain uniform in content and appearance

{X} For those things which are absolutely essential, please see our 3.4 Issues page.

A11y Team Modules

Other GNOME Modules

Missing (?) GNOME 2 A11y Features


Missing Features:

  • Note that in addition to missing features, the associated control centre preferences dialogs may also be missing in GNOME 3.
  • Window decoration
  • Window resizing
  • Contrast
    • GNOME Shell Magnifier supports:
      • overall brightness and contrast effects.
      • inverse video (not really a contrast effect, but reversing black/white resembles high contrast).
      • available in 3.6 release.
  • Individual Colours
    • GNOME Shell Magnifier supports overall tint of the screen.
    • available in 3.6 release.
  • Mouse-theme and size
    • GNOME Shell Magnifier:
      • magnifies the mouse in concert with overall magnification factor.
      • supports adding crosshairs for enhancing mouse position.
    • Features available since 3.2.
    • Control centre preferences dialog available since 3.4.
  • Font size
  • Sticky Keys state feedback (bugzilla 647711).

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